Grupo Sociedad Azucarera Larios was founded in 1994, as a business network holding company, by the families (Marquis of Larios) and Gutiérrez-Maturana-Larios (Marquis of Paul), consisting of a group of companies that carry out different activities, in which each one is engaged in a specialized business area.

Sociedad Azucarera Larios S.L., as the holding company, gives its name to the corporate group, and its activity focuses on the provision of consultancy services to the other groups of the holding Grupo Sociedad Azucarera Larios. The Group consists of the following companies:

  • Sociedad Azucarera Larios, S.L.
  • Sociedad Azucarera Larios Inmobiliaria, S.L. (SALSA INMOBILIARIA)
  • Sociedad Azucarera Larios Patrimonio, S.L. (SALSA PATRIMONIO)
  • Salsa Agrícola S.L. (SALSA AGRÍCOLA)

Long tradition

A business tradition that dates back to the 19th century when Sociedad Azucarera Larios, S.L. was incorporated in 1890 (Málaga).

Salsa Inmobiliaria, focuses its business activity on real estate development. The Group’s property rental area is managed by Salsa Patrimonio. The avocado farming plots and the leasing of rustic properties are managed by Salsa Agrícola.