2018-19 Avocado Season

The avocado harvesting season, which began in October 2018 with the pollinating varieties, is currently at 40% of the total expected volume in La Axarquia.

Although it started with low prices for both the Bacon and Fuerte varieties, at the beginning of the year, Fuerte avocados experienced an interesting upturn, contrary to the main variety, Hass, which achieved very good prices between November and December 2018, then declined at the start of 2019 by 40 to 50 cents a kilo compared to the prices obtained the previous season.

At the moment, it looks like prices are set to come down compared to 2018 due to the major influx of Hass avocados from Mexico and Colombia that should come to an end in February. As a result, the harvest has been pushed back, as farmers are waiting for better prices. And although they are expected to improve after the entry of South American fruit, the average price for Hass avocados this season suggests that it will be lower than the previous one.

Salsa Agricola expects a stronger harvest for the Hass variety than the previous season, maintaining average yields of more than 10,000 kgs/ha. As a result, the season shall last until May 2019.

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