Digitalization Measures (II)

In a previous post we talked about the digitalization measures that we have taken at Grupo Sociedad Azucarera Larios to offer a better service to our customers and suppliers.

But we have also adopted other internal digitalization measures so that our work procedures are more fluid and fully impact the quality of care and service to our clients. Adopting these measures allows us to optimize our organization by being more efficient and sustainable.

Some of these measures are:

· Management and conservation of information through internal servers and cloud servers, this prevents us from having paper files and printing fewer documents, and easier access to information by people authorized to do so.

· Carrying out periodic cybersecurity audits through which we know the status of our digital files and the risks we face. Based on the results of the audits, we decided to modify security systems against cyber attacks, data leaks, phishing, ransomware, etc.

· Robotization of administrative processes: this is one of our main objectives in the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. The main objective is to try to robotize most of the administrative tasks that are repetitive. In this way, our staff will be able to dedicate that time to review these processes and thus improve the company’s productivity.

· Periodic training for workers in technological tools to improve skills in the performance of their duties.

· Employee portal for procedures: we have developed an internal portal where all staff can carry out online procedures such as requesting vacations and permits, settling travel expenses or reserving internal resources such as meeting rooms, company cars or laptops for meetings outside the company.

This contributes to reducing the number of errors, improving the management of internal resources, both departmental and business.

· Development of our own platform for video conferences which allows us to have online meetings at any of our headquarters and of course with external parties. This in-house development entails a cost for the company, but it allows us to have better communication and higher quality connections, as well as greater control of information by not using free platforms such as Teams, Zoom, etc.

· Teleworking through secularized access to VPN. After the pandemic, many companies had to urgently implement teleworking and take quick measures to continue operating in this crisis situation. By having the teleworking tool through VPN, in a case of emergency or force majeure, our employees could continue to carry out their activity remotely with complete normality, without the company having to make very significant changes to the way they work and also with total security, since through the VPN connection the information is safe and protected.

· Paper reduction policies, another of the objectives of our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, making the Sociedad Azucarera Larios Group more sustainable. Our measures to implement a zero paper policy are based on:

  • Digital storage of documents received through email and digital platforms
  • Digital invoices, not printed
  • Scanning and document management of all documents, avoiding physical paper storage.

The purpose of this policy is to unify the information flows that are generated in the business, in order to improve communication between departments and, above all, to be able to automate the management of administrative processes in a comprehensive manner.

Furthermore, the time and cost savings are directly proportional since it allows us to automate tasks with the consequent reduction in errors by avoiding manual data entry in some processes. And a cost saving in terms of office supplies such as filing cabinets, paper, and saving the space that this consumes within our office.

Digitizing documents also implies greater security, protecting documents from fires, deterioration, loss or incorrect filing of documents…

To take these measures, we have invested in computer tools for document management and cybersecurity, as well as in training our employees to implement these new measures.

At Grupo Sociedad Azucarera Larios we are aware of the improvements that this means for our company and for society, so we will continue advancing and innovating in the field of digitalization.

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