Digitalization measures (I)

At Grupo Sociedad Azucarera Larios we are very committed to innovation, and not only to offer a quality final product to our clients in any of our business lines such as the cultivation of avocados in Salsa Agrícola, or with innovation in materials and in design in the construction of our Salsa Inmobiliaria developments, or with new home rental formulas such as coliving in Salsa Patrimony… At a corporate level, we are not far behind since for us it is essential that a company that is committed to innovation does it from its ins and outs.

That is why the digitalization of the Group as an innovative measure has contributed to being more efficient and effective both with our clients and with our suppliers, as well as internally, and of course more sustainable, something that is aligned with our CSR policy.

Digitalization has helped us have a safer relationship with a better level of communication since, thanks to the management and signing of our clients’ contracts with cloud platforms such as Signaturit, this type of operations becomes much more agile and secure, avoiding waiting times for clients to receive the contract and have it returned to us signed. This is a differentiating advantage for our foreign clients, who are many, saving them travel time for the signature and preventing them from having to use other slower or insecure methods.

Furthermore, we do not have to print and file all contracts on paper, since this platform allows us to have them all stored, achieving more effective and sustainable management.

Another digitalization measure that we have taken is provide information for clients from an App in the sales office connected to our CRM. This is possible thanks to digital devices with an application installed in our sales office in Torre del Mar. In this way, our interested clients can see the promotions and request additional information about the properties. When the client registers in the App, the client receives the requested information by email, in addition to being registered directly in our database. This speeds up the sales process and the lead capture process without generating errors.

At the same time, social networks allow us to communicate with our clients in a digital way. In the case of Salsa Inmobiliaria, through our Instagram account @salsainmobiliaria we make our new home developments known to more people and not only locally: it is a perfect window open to the world to give visibility to our company and everything we do .

Also to make communication much more secure and fluid with our suppliers, we have generated shared sites in the cloud for joint project management (Office 365). Thus, communication with our suppliers becomes more effective, more controlled and more immediate, allowing files to be shared and modified, having traceability of the entire project.

All of these measures allow us to work better, be more sustainable and able to manage communication with third parties more quickly and effectively.

At Grupo Sociedad Azucarera Larios we are aware of the improvements that this means for our company and for society, so we will continue to advance and innovate in the field of digitalization.

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